EFI config, 4.2 with Weber type throttle bodies

Hi, I am looking at doing an EFI conversion on my S2 4.2. Planning to use throttle bodies that look like webers. This means 3 throttle bodies with 6 ventirues.
I have figured out how to do the TPS, ECT, Air temp and MAP vacuum sensors… but I cant figure out how to set up Idle AIr control, Brake vacuum or PCV vacuum ports with the individual throttle bodies. Anybody done solved these problems before?

You run into a similar problem that ITB’s do. in order to get a reliable vacuum for brakes and idle control you would likely need to make a vacuum manifold that connects to each throttle body. That seems to be the most common solution. Its what i am planning on doing for my custom itb setup… when I eventually get around to making it. although for idle control you would need to have a seperate manifold to “inject” air after the throttle bodies.

Thanks William.
So, thats one manifold for MAP, another for IAC and a 3rd for Brake vacuum? Thats a lot of plumbing! Maybe I wont go with IAC for cold start… just use a manual fast idle like a the old choke with the ECU handling enrcihment. Do you think that could work? cheers

I would assume that you could combine the MAP and Brake manifolds into one, but I don’t have real-world experience to back that hypothesis up.

Again I don’t have real-world experience (yet) but I believe that is a possible route, depending on the ECU used. There is another guy in the V12 section that is making custom ITB’s that seems to be more adept at it than I am. Maybe send him a private message. Designing my own ITBs?