Egil’s ex-SA S-type and a question…

I joined @Egil_Kvaleberg at a classic car meetup today and tok some snaps of his ex South Aftica 64 S-type 3.8. It’s uncertain if it’s a CKD or import.

Also, we got wondering which way round the pips on the little front lights go and what their purpose is? Three examples show the confusion, from very restored XK 120 and 150 and Mk2.

The red pips like you call them are indicators for the lights
The green car is the right way, this way you can see if the lights are on, due to the reflexion.

Yes, the vertical face should be towards the driver as it will be brighter and show more colour. They were a more important requirement in the UK than in other countries for many years as they allowed driving without headlights at night in fully lit streets to reduce glare. It was therefore very important to have both sidelights (as clearance lights) working. I think you could be booked for a sidelight out if driving in this situation.

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