EGR valve for $15

(Joseph) #1

Hello gents!

I replaced the OEM valve with this GM valve. Item number: EGV 672. No issue with the fitment. Only difference is the position of the vacuum nipple. It’s pointing 7 o’clock instead of 12. I bought it on ebay. As of now (4/28/2019) the seller (sae-auto) has got 2 more.

(John Quilter) #2

Good information! If the angle of the connection is an issue it could easily be corrected with a plastic 90 degree pipe likely available at any NAPA store or auto parts house.

(Joseph) #3


that’s true. I’m gonna leave it like that but you also gave a good idea for someone who doesn’t like the way the vacuum hose connects to the valve.

(motorcarman) #4

My 1988 Chevy C2500 has the same EGR. I had a fault with the 1992 XJ40 I had so I swapped the valves.

The fault was fixed and the Chevy never set a DTC so I just left them SWAPPED!!!


(Joseph) #5

Thanks Bob for the info. I forgot to mention that this is an American made product. It’s stated on top of the valve so it’s not a Chinese cheapo aftermarket stuff.

(Peter Crespin) #6

“… so it’s not a Chinese cheapo aftermarket stuff…

China makes whatever quality the customer specifies, whether that’s an iPhone or a NASA-whupping moon lander they just put on the dark side.

Stereotypes get used because they sometimes have some truth in them. But like Jaguars they need regular checking and replacement when no longer fit for duty.

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