El cheapo X300 door speaker replacement

Thought I’d share my cheap and simple replacement solution for the front speakers (haven’t tried the rear yet).

These are BMW E46 door speakers. They are easy and cheap to obtain as lots of 7th owners of these cars replace them with upgrades.
They are a little larger in diameter and the mounting holes are in three “ears” that stick out, so they can’t be bolted down. That however does not matter, as the sound dampening on the back makes for a snug press fit in the door cards.

Even the spade connectors are the same size, albeit th connector housing is different so the connector needs to be wedged to stay on place securely.


I just repair the speaker with a new foam kit.

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Thank you for the link, just what I was looking for!
I did not find a suitable repair kit, but my plan was to repair the ones from the front and install them in the rear. I like to have the replacement speaker ready so I can reinstall the door cards straight away.

Here in Germany I found foam kits for 5" and 6.5", but these seem to be more like 6".


But what do they look like from the front once in place? Do the grills still fit? :confused:

btw, I never did understand why the X-300 speakers were so bad at blowing … Apparently the X-308 speakers were more durable, and even so were the XJS speakers (at least in the facelifts) … Did Jaguar go with a different brand with those models? :confused:

Yes, looks completely original. The grills are still in place.

On X308 they switched from Harman Kardon to Alpine in the 2000MY IIRC. My 99 had HK and my 2001 had full Alpine. CD changers were always Alpine from the 1993 XJ40 on,