Electric aerial for Sll XJ

Anyone fitted an elec aerial to a Sll and, if so, what type ? Goes on the shoulder of the rear wing/fender, quite a high exit angle. Apparently an option when new, but there’s not a lot of room in there between the tail light and the tank.

The S3 has the aerial motor next to the fuel pump but i think some units fit. There is not much space.

I have a factory one…not fitted at present. It’s C-37743. It fits S1 and S2; like the S3 it has a cable going to a separate motor located in the boot near the fuel pumps. But unlike S3 the mounting location is the same as the S1 S2 manual aerial–at the shoulder as you say.

Can you post a photo or two of it?

If I can find it. It’s pictured on the very last page of the Series 1 parts catalogue.

scan aerial.pdf (1.0 MB)
Hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies, guys. With that parts catalogue no. I find that you can still get the whole aerial assembly from SNGs or Manners here in the UK, so that would solve the problem, albeit for £94. Seeing the pics, I realize I already have the motor with what looks like an SO259 socket, but it lacks the antenna itself. But where precisely is the motor mounted? I thought the fuel pumps were in the tanks!

In the earlier carbed cars twin SU pumps were on the bottom sheet metal of the boot, behind the spare tyre. The motor was between them I think. The location is determined by the length of the cable housing, which is fixed. Sorry, I’ve not fitted mine (which needs some work) so not sure.

The s1 first had the two pumps aft of the spare.
The s2 can have them in the tanks but the s3 had just one pump and then the wiper motor and these were where the pumps were in the beginning, so if you look into the spare compartment that’s the s3 location and the antenna is pushed up via some kind of tube.

On my early S2 (74) the pumps are in the trunk and the aerial and motor is located in the front right wing.


If it’s anything like the SIII, the nylon cable is pressed in the mast and once broken the only solution is to replace the whole unit, unless you find the antenna and cable assembly, dismantle the motor and rewind the new cable inside the motor housing.

I have a spare antenna complete, motor, cable, bracket and all hardware… but it’s the SIII version, the motor is mounted in the back of the boot and the antenna originally mounted the top side of the right rear fender.
If you are interested send me a PM.

My 74 is exactly the same


Thanks for the further replies, guys, and thanks for that offer, Aristides - I would love to fit a Slll assembly as they are superior and in a much better position, but it will leave me with a hole in the left rear fender ! I have fitted a mast and cable, it was actually quite simple - you feed the cable down the tube with the motor activated and it will just draw the cable in. Cannot recall whether this was on a Slll or XJ-300, though.

So I think I will go with SNG’s elec aerial - not sure if it is original type (doesn’t look it) but presumably will fit ok.


my car is from spring 1975, has external twin SU fuel pumps behind the spare wheel and the electric aerial at the tip of the left rear wing … at which place it is extremely helpful in a RHD car as a precise backup aide!

This position of the aerial - even if only optional - is factory and period correct. The motor is mounted somewhere at the left trunk wall with some kind of bracket. Aftermarket aerials with external motor units will typically leave it up to you how to fix them.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)