Electric clock-intermittent

I had an electronic clock conversion 20 yrs ago, can’t remember vendor. Lately the clock runs with key off, stops with key on. I don’t think I moved the wiring. Any idea of the cause?

Time for some serious investigation with an electric ice pick (test light): pay heed to ground paths.

X2 on a ground path as a suspect.

When something stops operating when power is switched on it may be because something is finding a path to ground through it. Can’t say I have ever had a clock do that but plenty of tail lamps and side lamps.

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I experienced intermittent behavior in our S2 OTS and it turned out that I had a poor power connection between the power wire female connection and clock male connection. Cleaned it up and tightened the clamping force on the female connector and steady performance has been restored.

I have checked the power feed and ground. Both good. I am starting to think there is electromagnetic interference from the tach

I removed the clock from the car and powered it directly off the car battery. Works when car shut off, volt meter reads 12.8 Started car, clock stops, voltmeter reads 14. Clock doesn’t like the increased voltage.