Electric E-type engine swap

There was some discussion, good and bad about the Electrified E-type Harry and Megan drove off in after their wedding. It looks like we’re going to see more of it. Today in Autoweek: The SEMA Show is the place to check out the latest performance goodies for internal combustion engines: huge turbochargers, nitrous systems that would make your dentist jealous and everything else that could help you better turn tires into smoke. While that’s probably going to be the case for a long time, it looks like electric vehicles are starting to gain some traction in the aftermarket—enough attention for Chevrolet to feature an electric Connect & Cruise crate motor.

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Ford has a 900hp EV Mustang on display too.

Think I heard about the Mustang. Was it a direct swap option? I’ve come to believe it now rational for some though still think one needs to have a second “real” car :slight_smile: I drove my cousin’s Tesla 3 a few weeks back, first time I ever drove a car that banged my head against the head rest when I floored it. That was so much fun I did it again.

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My wife has driven Teslas 3 times. She’s itching for a good look at the new 3 model. She still loves her '07 Lexus with 110K miles though. It’ll be a tough thing to give that car up.

My neighbor bought a new to him 2016 Tesla Model S and took me for a drive in it then let me drive it. An amazing car IMO, the acceleration and the low level of noise were astounding to me. If I were commuting these days I would seriously consider buying one. Very impressive technology.

Yep drove a used 2018 model S and like you was very impressed. Also had the sales dude drive it around while just being a passenger so I could observe, feel and listen. If my pockets were deeper it would be in my garage as range anxiety is no problem for me. But have concerns about buying used one, new was never an option. So fell back to the 3 and found that the used ones are so close to the new prices it just turned me off. I have a theory since all of the cars I looked at were 1 yr old and low mileage, those folks bought the cars, got the fed. incentives, drove them for a year, selling for nearly what they paid and pocketed the incentives, which expired in June. They are still on my radar but probably not until one because somewhat financially feasible which doesn’t seem to be today.

There’re just enough issues with Tesla, for me, that my next (possibly) vehicle will be a Hyundai Ioniq.

I support the movement towards EVs, but the issues that exist, mainly range, remains my main determinent.

After deciding against the Tesla drove one of those too. A lot more affordable and logical also lifetime warranty on the batteries. I was spoiled by the intoxicating performance of the Tesla however. I plan to get an EV at some point but the EV world is changing so fast if it can’t be fun (Tesla) then I’ll wait for a while to see how things come together.

I’ll take a regular 70-75 mpg, over exhilarating performance!

That said, the EV world will be MUCH different in 10 years.

Hell, by then, maybe they’ll have a workable hybrid pick’em up truck!

Tesla has a pick up on the table.as does some company called Bollinger.

Your wait might not be long, but then the way these things go it could be long. The Chevy electric so called crate motor was displayed in an old custom Chevy pickup but thinking if its a direct swap then it could go in an Chevy truck.