Electric gremlins

Hi Guys,
I have not driven my 67 Series I at night for some time and never had any electrical problems before.

When I fired her up this evening, all seemed normal. During the drive I turned the lights onto hi beam, lights worked fine, except the red ignition
light came on ( no blue light). Back to low bean, the red ignition light goes off. Everything else seems normal, amp meter normal + charge.

Back home, all normal, except ignition light goes red with high beams on.
Lights dim, all normal.
After shut down, all normal, except ignition ON, red light not working.

Any ideas?

Cape Town

With the key out of the ignition switch what happens when you turn on the high beams?

Chris, my initial reaction to this is that you have the hi beam bulb in the ignition socket. The hi beam bulb is single blue white wire

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+1 on Terry’s conclusion. The “jewels” in the instrument face dictate the colour of the warning lights, and it’s easy for the bulbs to fall out of the back of the gauge, and then be put back in the incorrect position.

Thanks gents,
Yep, blue wire was on red light. High beam light working fine but alternator red light not working yet. I’ll check the bulb and then follow up.
Much appreciated.

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