Electric radiator fans not working

The radiator / engine cooling fans on my 1997 XK8 will not turn. I have the bigger fan wired to a switch so I can turn it on myself. So the problem is in the wiring. Any ideas on what to check. I’m sure they worked before I replaced the transmission. I bought this car 18 months ago and leave been working on it. Last week I finally got the Check Engine light to go out and it is running fantastic!!! It is a blast to drive and I love it. Thanks for your help. Mel H

Correction. I have been working on it for 18 months.

Do they not turn at all, or just not turn on? I’d say check continuity of the wires to see if one got broken. Also remember that they don’t run constantly. Don’t mean to talk down to you, but some people don’t realize that. Could check your thermal switch. Maybe check your relays and fuses if you haven’t. Someone else may have something else.

Thanks Jason. I will look for the thermal switch.
I normally would use the service manual that I have on my tablet , but I got my tablet wet and it is destroyed :frowning:

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I had the same problem on my 2001 XK8. I pulled the temperature sending unit (just in case and it was easy to get to), but the key problem was the relay for the fans which was original and had been abused by the road (water, dust, dirt, oxidation)…the usual stuff that happens when the relay is up front and low on the frame. I changed the relay and SUCCESS!!! The relay is cheap enough and is the problem many times.

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Hi Gary. Where is the temp sensor ? I’m probably looking right at it but not recognizing it😂.
I know that the relay is in front of the left tire but I haven’t had time to look at it.
I have been driving around with the bigger fan on a switch and turned it on after starting car. But last week it blew the in-line fuse I was using. Big time melt down of fuse holder. It took me over a minute to pull out the blown fuse ( using just my fingers ) So this week I’m go to fix my original problem , and hope that the fan is ok ( shorted wire leading to fan ?). The fan spins ok so it’s not bad bearings. Thanks Gary.

The sending unit is on the upper front of the engine…if I remember. It is super easy to get to and remove. It also is relatively inexpensive as well. It never hurts to cover the bases. My problem now is the radiator went bad (leaks). It is the nature of the beast I guess. Be well!


Thank You Gary. My temp gauge was reading 215 last week. I don’t think it overheated , didn’t see any steam , but I could tell something ( fan) wasn’t working.