Electric windows issue

Ok… today I parked my XJ and when I tried to raise the passenger side windowI heard only a relay click and the window did not raised. I tried from both sides switches and also from the center console all lock button… after 5 minutes of attempt suddenly the window motor started to work again from all the switches…… I tried it 10 times then it stopped working again and then begun to work flawlessly …. It happened some months ago to a rear window… in the same way and the mechanic cleaned the switches and solved the problem.
So what is the cause of this issue? If i ear the click I think that the windows switches are ok, so maybe it’s a problem after the relay. Should I check something in particular? Maybe the fuses or other items?
Now it work but I want to be shure the problem does not happens again. The windows motor seems to be perfect as it makes a normal noise and when it works raises the window fast and smooth.

I’m having the same issue on my 1990 sovereign, in that I hear the relay click for both up and down, but there is no movement. The window is currently in the up position so I am weather tight. My motor was running slower prior to this with a different sound than all the other position, unlike your case.

Andrea and Glen, when my ‘40 had problems with the windows not moving a swift ‘thump’ on the offending door would usually get things moving.
However the solution is normally to remove the switch pack and open it up to clean the contacts in the relays.
The relays are double throw units and the power flows through one set of points to the opposite side relay, a bit difficult to describe and its a good many years since I had to do this.
You cannot check that there is continuity on the relays as it will show that there is, it’s just that the contacts are too dirty to relay the required current.
This will bring up a few threads on the subject and has links to the old site with photos;

Had the same 14 days ago. Not a very difficult job to do. A used a small piece of sanding paper to clean the contacts. A bit a search to find avery screw retaining the trimming but once opened it is in fact a very nice piece to look at.

when all the power windows works, it’s a good practice exercise the relay contacts by movin up and down windows once a week, this maintain the contacts clean because the current flow cleans contacts