Electric Windows Sluggish

1997 X300 JX6 Sport. Over the years the window winders have become very sluggish. To the extent that now they need a manual help up and only just make it back up. All winders are the same. Is there a common electrical fault here or can all the motors have gone sluggish. Any help apreciated.

you could try lowering the windows. and then spraying silicone (e.g dash cleaner) down the runner tracks that the glass runs in

Best thing to do is to take the door cards off and use your hand to run some silicone paste on the tracks. The spray stuff will work for a short while.

Thanks AndyK, I’ll give that a try, i have some silicone lube. It’ll at least tell me if those runners are the issue.

Excuse my lack of knowledge Veekay, but what are the door cards?

Interior trim panels. Leatherret

David welcome aboard…
My thought owning them all.
I would take the drivers main window switch and clean the contacts.
They used to crude up when WATER or snow would get inside with the window open.
You can run wd40 down the window channels it will help BUT i think your getting resistance at your switch and contacts.
Clean the switch good and the ground.
I bet you get a surprise…
Good luck!


You want something like 3M Silicone Paste 08946

WD40 is not a good idea here.

You want something that will lubricate and stay in place next time it rains.