Electrical "plug" on back of a/c compressor

can anyone tell me what the electrical connection is on the back of the compressor? And perhaps if it can be removed and installed in my new sanden compressor?


Screenshot 2022-06-08 101148

It’s called a superheat switch.

Is that the same as the high side low pressure switch? Never really tried to figure out what it was just wired it to the diagram when I replaced my wiring harness.

There are two types of switches on the Harrison A6 compressor fitted to the XJ-S depending on MY.

You do not indicate a MY.

The change from Superheat switch to HSLP switch was late 86/early 87. My Feb 87 XJS had the HSLP switch. In any case I have doubt that either will fit or work with a Sanden compressor. Sanden probably has its own type of protection circuit….most likely with an external switch.

Others who have converted to Sanden will chime in


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I added a pressure switch to the replacement high
pressure line when I converted my car to a Sanden compressor. Just put it in series in the wire to the compressor clutch coil.