Electronic ignition advice

my 65 3.4 auto S is at the moment running on points and condenser. i have an accuspark elec module but not fitted it as i am thinking of getting a 123 or lumenition.what are your experiences of the electronic kits. car only used as a normal driver.

I have 123 on all my 4 jaguars, they are great, never had any issues.

Shout out here to 123 distributor as well. Fine has been faultless since fitting. I have a tuned engine (polished, ported, gas flowed, lightened) - currently running standard needles in the carbs and have the 123 set at 5 (variable ignition curves). Goes like a dream!

123 is great, it’s not perfect with the rpm instrument but can be made to work. I have points and had no trouble so far.

I’ve had good results from accuspark on a couple of classics- suggest you fit the module you already have

I have pertronix ignitor 2 on my interceptor and xj12 - very happy with those installations

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I fitted points and condenser dis to my XJ6 Engine, works fine , see no reason to change , have a spare set in the boot , so if they fail out on the road the AA man can change them , if he knows how to :rofl:

The only time I had points “fail” was once on my Austin 1300 the gap closed up causing the car to loose ignition, then as RPM came down regain ignition, all due to the rubbing block wearing down over time I imagine. My bad for failing to check the gap every so often.

ewww- an Austin 1300? ewww

You have one - I‘ll take it :smiling_face_with_tear:

They sold a hell of a lot of them. Quite good apart from being a breeding ground for the tinworm

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Not one spec of rust on this example, owned and driven regularly since 1971. Cylinder head never even off in 109,000 miles. Sorry, not for sale.


I’ve had the pleasure of riding in John’s beautiful Austin 1300. Sir Alec Issigonis would be proud.

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It’s a shame there‘s not many left. Not a Mercedes or Jag but a good car in so many ways and due to its rarity not a lesser car these days.

i have fitted the accuspark electronic module to my car, can anyone explain how to set the static timing.

Usually set the engine to 8° or whatever static timing is, on the firing stroke, then turn the distributor body back and forth until you have a spark from centre lead to ground (, this should get you in the ballpark and be safe to drive. Now test drive and advance it so it just starts to knock uphill in top gear and back off a little.

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I have had points and condenser, but have an Accuspark module sitting around.

My intention is to put this in a spare distributor I already have.

I will then simply retain the original dizzy (and spare bolt and clamp) in a bag in the boot, as it is fairly easy to change if ever one has a breakdown

I dont have to carry a spare fuel pump.

After my expression of fuel pump anxiety recently on single pump vehicles (Not my Jags), my DD fuel pump, which was obviously original, with 400,000km failed, blocking a major intersection on a busy, wet and cold evening.

I had no choice but to push it, (with difficulty) off the road, call a tow truck and replace the unit with a spare I had at home next day

I carry in that truck a spare computer, vital sensors, and a belt, will add a fuel