Elm 327 code reader

Hi all, I have checked the history and all the responses were a long time ago and all regarding USB connections.
Things have moved on from there and now of course it’s Bluetooth.
My problem is that the ELM 327 can’t talk to the ECU on my XJR.
Works fine on the wifes Mazda.
Anybody had any luck with these units?

I purchased an ELM 327 WiFi a few months ago from Ebay, and it talks to my ecu
seller obd2_store

(where a number of hand held readers would not)
Connection to my x308 is ISO9141

I use a BASX Bluetooth unit for my '96 vehicles,

very inexpensive, "guarantee to work on all cars made in USA from '96 "

what year do you have ? do you have an OBD2 port ?

I have heard some UK '96 Jags are not compatible

I have a BAFX for my '97 VDP. Works with Android. Guaranteed to work on all protocols including Jaguar.

Update, waiting for another unit to arrive from eBay.