Emailed Forum Messages stopped

(Patrick Opsahl) #1

I am not getting the forums lists of new messages emailed to me any more, stopped several weeks ago.
I can’t find on the site how to start it again?
Any help, Thanks.

(Andrew Waugh) #2

We’ve been experiencing some problems with the server for the last few weeks. We’re working on it. List mails is one of the things which has been a problem.

We (i.e. @gunnar ) are working on it.

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #3

Look in your junk mail.

(Patrick Opsahl) #4

Andrew, thanks for the update.
Less, no, not in my junk mail.

(Gunnar Helliesen) #5

We got some great help from one of the developers of Discourse today, and it looks like he found and fixed the problem.

Please let us know if you’re still not receiving emails by tomorrow, as then we most likely have a different problem on our hands.


(Patrick Opsahl) #6

OK, I have received a forum’s email. Thanks!