EMANUAL ONLINE has anyone used this company

Has anyone used this company to get a PDF style manual? Would you recommend the “factory” manual I have a 1993 xjs I just got had it in the shop for a new ignition and for them to check it out. They said it’s in good shape. I need to do a new convertible top and interior. Power seats don’t work or mirrors. I know I got some work ahead of me but it runs and drives well. Has about 54k miles. Very excited to get going on this. I am sure as I go I will have a lot more questions.

I did for my F150, trying to track down an electrical open. If you have a computer, you might be OK. But I only have an IPad, and had a lot of trouble getting the links to function, as well as having the full decision tree and the link it provided, to work. Finally, between it and the set of wiring diagrams I had to buy, I was able to figure out where the open(s) were and make repairs.

Anything in the door could simply be broken wires in the door harness. Don’t overlook that. The wires will always eventually break from flexing


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