Emergency brake cable

Doin the pads on my 89, but while I am in there I want to try my siezed brake cable, I cannot figure how to disconnect it in the wheel assy. Help!

Hi sometimes Haynes is your saviour:

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must be a little different in mine and not the problem, this siesed and corroded piece holding the end is pretty stuck. Going to try and clean it bot one of the little pish wheels is missing.

I don’t recognise that piece, where is it situated?

I stand corrected sir your info was spot on! I found the clip with a mirror, but the part I was looking for was the bitter end of the cable that actualy moves the shoes, what I thought was rivets were actually 10mm bolts holding the end of the cable assembly together. I removed them and was able to get them unstuck and moving, I did put some corrosion block on now the fun of getting all those little pieces back together.

Yep best of luck with those, glad to help.