Engine baffle panel gap to bottom of sump

I shortened the sump baffle panel in my E-type by ¼” because the new sump I had bought was for some reason ¼” less deep from the top to the bottom of the baffle mounting pillars.

Anyway to cut a long story short, because the sump turned out to be too long and I couldn’t mount the reaction plate properly, I have decided to get the original sump repaired.

My question is: If I fit the modified baffle panel to the original sump, which will obviously now have more clearance, is this likely to cause me any issues?

I’m thinking there may be more oil surge with more clearance, but in this scenario is this likely?



Paul I think this is impossible to answer. It would at least partially depend on how aggressively you drive the car. Oil surge is primarily a problem under heavy acceleration or of more concern heavy braking because it goes on long enough for significant quantities of oil to move forward or backwards, and pile up at either end. It is a very long sump on an E Type which aggravates the issue.

Hi Terry,

I think I had pretty much come to that conclusion.
It is probably best to just take the hit and repair or replace it. It is just not worth taking a chance.

Thanks for your help,

If you could get your hands on a small spot welder and some thin steel pieces you could fix it.

Hi Terry,

Yes, I have welding equipment including a spot welder. even a folding machine.
I intend to make up some new baffles and spot weld them on to the original top plate rather than welding on some pieces to the bottom.
Its just a job I was hoping to avoid :frowning:


Is this what is known as, “bafflegab?”

Asking for a friend.


Paul, are you bored, again?


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