Engine Bay Ignition Amplifier

Hi All,
Desperate ! - I need to identify a missing amplifier for the ignition circuit which used to be in the engine bay and has been mislaid by an incompetent garage when they moved premises !! (Don’t ask!)
Car is a 1988 F reg Lucas V12 Convertible - can anyone provide the amplifier model number (AB???) and any additional specification essentials particular to this model/year? - any ideas on sourcing a replacement also helpful - usual parts supplier suspects SGB/DM drawn a blank and classifieds, breakers etc none the wiser …any other plan ?

Where are you. located

AB14 part # DAC4104

I bought one for my 88 from SNG, $175. Module inside was unknown make, so I replaced it with AC Delco/GM module.

Roy is located in Croydon, Surrey, UK.

Ok…I know another fellow. same name in USA…

Try “Just Jags, UK” web site. 137 Pounds.

there is also a SNG Barratt located in the UK.

Thanks All for your suggestions and help - as pointed out I am based in the UK- near Canterbury in Kent actually - I will do some more sourcing digging now!