Engine blinks then runs great

Car starts great
Engine runs perfect
Going down the road the engine blinks quickly then runs perfect .
It will do that a couple of times in a 10 mile run.
I would think it has to be electrical to be that quick of a miss. Its only a short hesitation then runs normally. Checked wires to coil and condenser they look good could it be a ground problem or ignition switch issue

What car, what engine, what ignition system (stock, Pertronix, 123, etc,)? What does the tach needle do when that happens?

If it has a condensor, I would check the point gap and I would replace the condenser.

69 4.2 su carbs Mallory dual point distributor
Yes that was my next move . 6000 on points setting

Roger, yes, as Paul says, replace the condenser. Many years ago I drove about 25 miles to work. About half way through the trip, the car would make a quick miss one time, and only one time on the entire trip. A new condenser seemed to be the cure.

Twas the condenser. Cross referenced one for a 57 Chevy. Delco Remy works great

Makes sense on the 57 Corvette they had a dual point distributor . So yes the condenser is a match . Does run smoother .