Engine burning oil

Hi, I bought XJ6 - no runner . Car stand in garage for years. Now I finally start the engine. Work perfect, but burning oil. Smoke smell oil. Is problem with Piston ring? What now? Need to rebuild complete engine? Or is some easy solution? Br

If the engine hasn’t run for a long time then the rings may just be gummed up and might free up with a bit of running.
A compression test would be a useful thing to carry out, do one as the engine is now then pour a small amount of oil into each cylinder and do the tests again. If the pressures increased then that indicates the rings are a problem, at the present time, again they may free up with use but they could also be broken allowing blow by.

Or oil in the exhaust burning off, if it runs well, drive it before doing something drastic.

I will second that. You would not believe how badly mine smoked ans spit black liquid out the back after 20some years of standing. All good now!

In any case a cheap wifi boroscope may shed some light onto the condition of the cylinder walls as well.