Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Still chasing my cooling problem in my 2003 S-Type…please keep reading :slight_smile:
I’ve looked at the manual but can’t find what I need to know.
Where is the Cooling Fan Module?
I’ve followed the wiring which seems to disappear under the front fuse box?
How does the fuse box come out? My manual is silent here. There is some movement in the box, but I don’t want to damage it .
Has anyone experienced Cooling Fan Module issues?
I have code P0480Fan Control Circuit/Cooling Fan c=Control Circuit Malfunction.
I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been on this journey . Thanks for your time :upside_down_face:

According to the Electrical Guide, the Cooling Fan module is located in the engine compartment, right hand front, rearward of the radiator. It has two black two wire connectors.
Hope that helps.

Cheers. Its on my list first thing in the morning. 9.45pm now, down under. :+1: