Engine cooling fan always on

Since i bought my xj40 last year, the engine cooling fan immediately starts up after starting the car. Im pretty sure that is not normal (right).

So far its one of my least problems, but if its an easy fix I’d be interested in checking it out. It never bothered me really since the car gets to operating temp pretty fast anyways.

And ideas?

Cheers, Marmo

I would check to see if the relay for the fans hasn’t welded points,

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EDIT: my apologies, these TSBs do NOT apply to the 1990 MY which is what Marmo has.

Marmo - there are two technical service bulletins (TSB) addressing issues with cooling fans: 86-140 and 86-163. Hopefully these are of help.

86-140 Cooling Fans - Inoperative or Operate With Ignition Off - Reseal Ground Wires.pdf (86.6 KB)

86-163 Cooling Fans – Run Continuously.pdf (45.2 KB)


sorry for the question, but in my xj40 the fan seems to be operated by a clutch instead of an electric motor… is it normal?

Yes. XJ40s through the 1992 model year used a single belt driven fan incorporating a clutch. For 1993 & 1994 models dual electric fans were employed.

Okay. Is the fan relay under the hood?

Yes there are relay banks either side of the radiator with covers indicating each relays function, or there should be.

thanks robin. I will check it out next time i have time. sadly im super busy these days…

checked the relay, its fine and all shiny in the inside
but the connectors are gunked up with some green-ish goo… what a mess :confused: