Engine heights and mounts

As I’m getting my new euro downpipes in, which have little clearance within frame, I decided to replace my engine mounts that may or may not be original to see if that helps clearance.

The old ones were not split, but they sagged a tiny bit of upon inspection, especially on one side.

Here are my measurements (all include the giant spacer washer that goes on top, which is 2.4mm)

New mounts: 39.82mm
Right mount: 38.41-38.97mm
Left mount: 38.52-39.44mm

I also measured the height of engine from ground using the downpipes, and the engine height went up by 1.34mm.

Not a ton, but when there’s only 5mm clearance, 1.34mm is a lot, and I can see the difference.

Also, a bit of how to from a first timer:

Remove top nuts, then remove bottom nuts. 9/16" open end/box end is the only way, or a distributor wrench. The driver’s side with the power steering lines and p/s heat shield in your way will test you.

Once nuts are clear, you can lift engine from underneath, but make sure to put block of wood under front ridge of oil pan, where its stronger. Do not lift at center of oil pan. But before this, remove four nuts that hold on clutch fan, otherwise fan will hit shroud.

Lift engine as high as you can, replace mounts. Transfer over spacer/washer.

It is easier to fit lower nuts on before lowering engine, because you can maneuver mount higher to give you more room to fit nut.

Once they’re hand tightened, lower engine.

Now put on top nuts. Drivers side is a test of Buddah patience and finger dexterity, working blind. Took me 8 tries. Small hands will help! Passenger side is a walk in the park.

Now tighten everything as tight as you can with box wrench.

Put fan back on!

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could you add a spacer washer and get another 2.4mm ?

Yeah, but the fan could start interfering with the shroud.