Engine number in V5 different from on engine

I tried to ask in another tgread but no reply, and I need the information urgently…
So, I recently purchased a XJS from UK and had it shipped to Singapore.
Whilst I was preparing the car for inspection so that i can register the car, I realised that the engine number on the engine and the engine number in the V5 is different.
The engine number in the V5 has an extra ‘0’.
Can someone advise how I can amend the data in the V5 to be the same as on the engine?
I googled and it seems that I, or the previous owner, has to send in a Form 1 to the UK authority.
I contacted DVLA via their chat, and was told that as the car has been exported, there is no longer any record in their system.
I would like to know, is the engine original, or it may have been replaced before?
Greatly appreciate any advise.
​​​​​​​Thank you.

Hello Han - my 1991 XJS V12 Classic Collection Coupe has an engine number 8-S-8-0-8-6-4-S-A so I would think that your 8-S-3-6-7-2-0-H-B would be correct since both numbers only contain 5 digits for the numerical part - Tex - sent 10/13/2021 2259hrs. EST USA.

Thanks Terry for the information.
I was told maybe the extra ‘0’ was added in the UK’s data because their system needs a 10 digit engine number, or something like that.
I tried to check with their transport authorities but unfortunately they were not very helpful

Hello Han - seems like they would want the data info to reflect the true number, but then I guess there might be the possibility of what you are saying - I just have never seen anywhere that the extra digit is added - Tex.

It might be so…
I am hoping owners from the UK can shed some light on this

There are billions of forms to fill in on websites all over the world.
Many are designed by morons.
You know a moron designed it when you enter something like a phone number 047 562 952 and it flags an error because it does not allow spaces. Of course in the early digital age 50 years ago memory was expensive and spaces cost money.
In 2021 that is not the case but we still have morons.
My favorite moron effort is a bill I need to pay now and again which has a customer number like:
That is very difficult to scan and verify without spaces.
Worse still sometimes the number might change even if you the customer does not.
Try contacting one of these moron type websites to suggest humans have a hard time reading so many leading zeros. It is not even needed.
They don’t give a sh#t.

Looks like the UK outfit added a leading zero to the engine number because their form demands it. So what do they care.

Doesn’t Singapore demands that you pass Homologation ?
If so you need a letter from Jaguar Homologation service with all the emissions, noise data etc for your car.
You could ask them the question and they could maybe certify that the engine number on the V5 does indeed correspond with the stamped number.

They were quite helpful when I imported mine in France from Canada, the stamped VIN had a coule of extra digits from the door sticker because Jaguar used a different VIN code for North America. Big mess…

I do agree with your statement, sometime the system is too rigid …
I did some search and the engine number should have only 5 numerals after 8S, and I do not know they added the extra zero

For cars above 35 years old there is no need for homologation, but we do have to send the car in for an inspection, where they check the originality of the car, and also the VIN and engine number. Hence I am having some issues now… I need some relevant authority to present an explanation why there is difference in the numbers on the V5C and the engine itself…
I have emailed Jaguar Heritage, and awaiting their reply.
I tried to search for the jaguar Homologation email but couldn’t find it. Do you still remember the email address?
Thank you.

I was in contact with the Jaguar Homologation Service in France, I don’t know if this can be any use…

Jaguar France
34 rue de la Croix de Fer
CS 70337
78105 Saint-germin-En-Laye
+33 1 6101 6800
+33 1 6101 6700

There must be one at Singapore as well?

I can’t help you but I can tell you that the DVLA in the UK, which issues V5s, is close to useless so if you need their help you will have a very very long wait. If you do think they could help, the sooner you get your request in the better.

The UK government has made noises about fixing the problem but they don’t move very fast either.

We do have an authorised distributor for Jaguar in Singapore. I am not sure if they can help but i will write to them.

Our local authorities used to be so too…
Luckily they have improved over the last few years
Hope the UK authorities can improve soon…

Mistakes do happen when a car is first registered. My daily non-Jaguar driver is blue but the V5 stated White. I got a letter from the manufacturer stating the build details and the DVLA issued a new V5 free of charge.

I’m guessing the leading zero just got added in error.

I am hoping it is so and Jaguar can give me an affirmative reply which i can show to my local authority.