Engine number query

Hi, I am being offered a S2 incomplete E Type engine, the engine number appears at odds with data on the XKE Data site and also the XKS. com site. The number on the block is 7R 9340-9. The 7R appears correct for a S2 2+2 however the highest number I can find is 7R 40252-9. The block appears visually correct but the number concerns me as being so far out of the number sequence.

Has anyone come across such a number or any explanation for the discrepancy? TIA

The (original) engine number on my 69 S2 OTS is 7R 2964-9. That is an April 69 build.

Sorry, I have found it, it lived in the S2 Swb section mid 1970. The block was thought to have originated from a LHD 2+2 hence my confusion. Thanks for looking.

Engine 7R9340-9 is from a 1970 OTS or FHC (use a different range of numbers from the 2+2s). In fact, this very engine is logged in xkedata for the folowing car:


David, excellent skills, the block in question definitely looks authentic in the pics seen so far, however the number appears stamped on the rear of the block adjacent to what would be the bell housing flange. Tomorrow I will see the block and look for the number to be above the oil filter housing.

Ooh, you’re quick. I was about 2 minutes behind you.

Close numbers either side are both LHD OTS so I guess this engine came from the same.

Please educate me how do you search for a car just on the engine number, when I try in XKE data it says “Your search Turned up no Matches”

This one was tricky as it was not recorded correctly i.e. no ‘-9’ on the end.

I found it by guessing at the car number and doing a vehicle search specifying all cars +/- 100 of that number. That presents a list of entries that includes the engine number (when provided). A good guess saves time but if you are too high or low, just guess again.

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Thats interesting!..

That’s the correct place for an engine of that vintage. It moved from the top of the oil filter housing in the 1969-1970 timeframe.


I just searched for engine number 7R93% (% is a wildcard). All cars with engine numbers 7R93xx are listed, including the car in question. Then just click on the top of the engine number column of all the results, and they are sorted by engine number in sequence.


You know, a good magician never reveals how the trick was done.

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Well I am now the proud owner of a S2 engine minus cylinder head, so if the current owner of this roadster wants to reunite car and engine, please feel free to contact me.