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How can I find which Jag the engine number RA 6072-9 came from? It is now installed in a D-Type replica. The replica also has gearbox EB 14247 with spare KE 101(?) and KJS 101(?) listed in inventory. Is there a list or reference that I can look up?

The engine and car/chassis numbers do not necessary go in order. You could check the XKE data base. I would say the engine and EB14247 trans is from a 64 E-type.


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RA prefix indicates a 3.8L E-Type origin
KE prefix is 3.4L Mk2
KJS is probably a typo. KJ would also be a 3.4L Mk2.

You can look up engine numbers here:



RA6072-9 is from a 3.8 E-type of approximately March/April 1964 - the RA denoting 3.8 E-type series, the 6072 giving an approximate date…

Gearbox EB14247 should have a JS suffix, so EB14247JS and is the normal ratio 3.8 E-type Gearbox, the rare close ratio version has a CR suffix, The serial 14247 is also from March/April 1964 so chances are it did originally come with the engine RA6072-9

KE 101 (?) depends on the ? significance, but KE prefix denotes the new revised design E-type OTS and FHC gearbox that dates from about March 1968 so one of the very last Series 1 4.2 E-types. The K denotes having revised gear helix angle for quieter running (but absorbs a fraction more power) and the E denotes being Wide Ratio, so in the cabin of a FHC there was less gearbox noise, and the loss of power was minimal relative to the loss of power from the detuned emissions compliant engines in the USA market only. Serial numbers actually did start at 101 (thus I question your ?) and went up to about KE2300 in August 1968 in the last Series 1 4.2 E-types.

Your KJS 101 (?) is again very late Series 1 4.2, but this time the S suffix denotes being fitted to a 2+2 body, thus has an extension housing too long to fit in a FHC/OTS. The K is the same, but the J denotes the original ‘standard’ ratio gears, albeit now referred to as 'Close Ratio. Again 101 is first serial dating from April 1968 but only going up to about KJS680 for last Series 1 4.2 in July 1968.
Please note, the Series 2 E-type introduced from August 1968 onwards, continued with these KE and KJS gearboxes but with ascending serial numbers…

So as always - the prefixes and the numbers tell all…

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