Engine Oil Pipe MK2 3.4

Anyone know the specifications for the rubber pipe between the sump and the filter ?

Size , but also the pressure and temperature rating :slight_smile:

Mine is perishing and as I have the sub frame off I want to replace.



Just so long as it’s oil-compatible hose, you’ll be right.

I cannot recall if that’s a double diameter hose, like an E Type.

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Have a look on e-bay lots on there like this , just check the I/d
Worth getting fuel line hose clips too , seal better !

When you do reinstall the rubber tube, make sure you lube the inside so it will slide over the two metal tubes. Slide it all the way down one of the tubes and install the oil filter housing ( if you removed it) and then slide the tube back over the other metal tube. Don’t forget to first install clamps which would be very hard to install after the installation of the hose. I found that the rubber hose I installed was so stiff it was impossible to bend into place. I was replacing my starter at the time and it turned into a major job removing all of the bolts on the oil filter housing.


It carries no significant pressure. It only needs to be compatible with motor oil and rated for 300F temp.

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SNG sell this hose. Correct bore and adequate length

Yes they do , but at the price of about 6 inches , you can get 3ft off e-bay for well less then 1/2 the price .
Don’t encourage dealers to rip us off :rofl: :rofl:

I love SNG but if you add their shipping to Ireland for something like this it gets really pricey.

The other reason I was a bit leery was the last time I coughed up for hose from them it was for the line between the brake reservoir and master cylinder. As discovered through the help of the forum what they sold was fuel line which eventually rotted from the inside out.

Given where this pipe is I wanted to over spec and go for max quality. Replacing it again once the sub frame is back will be a nightmare.

Anyway my hope was if I knew what to ask for I could get it locally😀

I like to support our specialist suppliers but also my local guys.


To your original question, the hose is 5/8" ID, 6 inches long. I used an inexpensive oil line purchased on ebay, as suggested.

Thanks Pronk.
I will be left with overage. If any one wants some they can have for price of postage. Probably only relvant for UK and Ireland :grinning: