Engine quit on highway, dsc, parking brake error


I am newly back on the forum after just purchasing a 2004 xj8. Driving down the highway, suddenly the engine quit. Many lights came on, and I could see error messages related to dsc unavailable and parking brake error. It was a little scary (on the freeway). What could be causing this?

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(Robin O'Connor) #2

Sounds like its time to purchase a scan tool and check for error codes.
Without those to start with every thing is a shot in the dark.
Could be as simple as a dead battery/alernator to goodness knows what.

(motorcarman) #3

Why are you posting in the X400 section when you have X350 Jaguar?

More info will be found in the appropriate forum section.



As I said I’m newly back and as I searched the forums, this seemed the right one - my error.