Engine Rebuild costs


I am trying to get a sense of engine rebuild costs for a 66 OTS. Assuming the engine is removed from the car and ready to crate off to the builder what would a “rough” cost be to do everything? Soup to nuts!

Ill apologize in advance as I’m sure this will create alot of questions and assumptions but to keep it simple, id like to get two numbers: parts and labor.

Thanks in advance
San Rafael CA

Assuming a top notch stock rebuild?

$9000, plus shipping.

yes. A top notch stock rebuild!

Thank You so much.

Now since its the Bay area, add 40% haha.

You can not do much better, than to crate it up, and send it to Coventry West.

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That is the way I would lean. Thanks for the quick response

Contact Dick Maury at Coventry West but I would budget about $9000. for a quality rebuild. Dick did my engine about 4 years ago, 5-6000 miles with NO issues.

Ditto on Coventry West.

Thank You all for the responses!

Dick (Coventry West) did my engine 5 years & 25,000 miles ago (I like to drive) and it is great. Just drove two hours this afternoon in city traffic and 100° heat. Still smiling.

Dick was very helpful arranging shipping and got me what I considered a smokin’ deal on transport both ways (Arizona to Georgia).

You should be sold by now, so here’s the link: https://www.coventrywest.com/

Actually it has been 6 years (we’re getting old).

You’ll recall compression was a little low on #2:

Off to Lithonia for a rebuild then back in one hot day in August:

What was it that required so many hammers?

Hard for me to imagine it was six years ago. Looking back it was great fun, camarade. We need another big project for the gang to tackle when this Covid is over. Went to Andy’s to visit my 150, new top is being manufactured by Robbins and should be shipped soon. Nice having some space in the garage.

Compression on #2 is higher than I thought, I thought zero. Probably all the oil creating some compression

maybe 15lbs max.

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The cost of doing mine 3 years ago came to about $9,500. That included a rebuild water pump and gaskets. The flywheel was also resurfaced for $65.

Though those prices are likely in the ball park though only Dick can give a current quote and help you decide what extras are needed. My extras were a resurfaced flywheel, a rebuilt harmonic balancer and a clutch kit.

How far do you want to take the rebuild…all new valves and seats, tappets and sleeves, springs and keepers, rod and main bolts…or replace as appropriate?

Some options to consider…valve guide seals on both intake and exhaust, tappet sleeve hold downs on intake and exhaust, modern rear crankshaft oil seal from Terry’s…$388 + tax/shipping + machining crank), new versus rebuilt water pump…

I can help with this…
When I was in High School I worked at a garage after school and Saturdays.
we did a lot of engines. If it needed everything (including valve job) one should expect to spend about a hundred dollars. Replacement of the timing chain would be another five bucks or so.
Turnaround time would be 2 to 3 days.

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Boy Lloyd you must be an old coot or else you were rebuilding lawn mower engines! I don’t have the figures at hand but when I rebuilt a 49 Merc engine for my 39 coupe, way back when, I had about $350 in it including the heads, I already had the dual intake manifold. That figure included 1/8 over pistons, bearings, valve guides, balancing and machine shop charges. Costs have certainly changed!