Engine Rebuild in San Diego or Best Alternative?


I am looking for a recommendation for an engine rebuild shop in San Diego. I prefer it is local so I can watch the progress.

If that is not possible I am open to any suggestions on the best method of having the engine rebuilt, which is the best shop, how long it will take and how much it will cost.


I think that might depend on what engine you are talking about… Assuming you are talkaing about an E-Type engine, do you have an I6 or V12?


1963 E-Type OTS, Triple Black
Engine: I6, 3.8L

Have you ever assembled one of these engines? just wondering because its not that tough and machining is the key…there is a shop in costa mesa that did

There is a shop in costa mesa that did some of mine if that is in range

Would you happen to remember the name of the shop? Costa Mesa is not far from me.

XKSUnlimited is in LA, they have a machine shop there

I go to British European Auto in San Pedro, CA for all my needs for my 1965 OTS. They are currently installing a new interior in my car after doing a thorough mechanical rebuild. They work on all brands of British cars from Triumphs, Austin Healeys, Jaguars, Rolls Royces, Morgans, AC Bristol to even a London Taxi cab the last time I was in the shop. Ask for Jeff or Dane and tell them James referred you.

Thanks James. Do you know if they have a good track record meeting deadlines?

XKs Unlimited are in San Luis Obispo…pretty far from LA, and very far from San Diego.

I would also be pretty surprised if XKs have their own machine shop. Setting up a machine shop is a MASSIVE investment that require significant throughput to be profitable. Chances are, they have a local shop that they trust, and refer to them as “our machine shop”, which sort of gives the impression they’re doing it in-house. Even APT in Riverside (a well known Brit street/race engine shop for decades) farm out virtually all of their machine work.

And for the OP…’machine shop’ and ‘deadline’ aren’t often used in the same sentence with positive results.

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Oh yeah forgot that they were in San Luis not sure why I was thinking LA. as for farming out the work, it looks like the machine shop is on site and they claim to do a lot of E-type restorations. a few have been on Jay Leno’s Garage show. I live in San Diego and while it is far it’s not too bad, I am used to long drives here in SoCal. But it looks like a few people far more knowledgeable than me have closer options.

Edit: it looks like they just changed ownership and are no longer part of XKS Unlimited.

Yes, agree. They would be ideal but they are over 4hours away. If I get desperate I may check them out. But they may not do restorations anymore since they got sold to Moss Motors. I guess the only way to find out is to give them a call. Thanks!

No worries it looks like you have some good options closer by.

My understanding is that Moss Motors bought only the parts business, and that Jason Len retained ownership of the workshop that does the restoration and race-prep work.

I’m still skeptical as to what machining capability that workshop has.

it looks like it got sold, and yea now looking at the pics of the machine shop it does look a little barren, but maybe they do what you said and farm the “big” stuff out to someone they trust.

Costa Mesa R & D 949 631 6376

Classic Showcase is in Oceanside. I doubt anything they do would be considered “value priced”, but their work is solid.

Honestly, I haven’t asked for them to do anything on a strict deadline. You will have to give them a call. I am in the school of “do it once, do it right, and don’t worry about a few extra days.”

Thanks James - I agree take your time and do it right.

Steve’s Jaguar Service in Canoga Park, CA. He is just about finished rebuilding my XK140 Engine. He has been in business for over 30 years, every time I go by different cars are in the shop for work, so he gets them in and out. From service to complete restoration. I did my homework and this is who I went with. (818) 703-8321. Canoga park is about 20 miles past LA from San Diego.