Engine removal and reaction plate. 67 4.3

I Think I know the answer to this but just want to confirm. To remove the torsion bars I have to release the lower control arms to pull them down low enough to release the tension. Is there any way around this than anybody knows of. Series 1 67 4.2

No other way to release the tension on the bars for removal that I am aware of.

If you are just wanting to get the reaction plate out of the way to drop the engine there is no need to undo the torsion bars. Details & pics if you need them.

Please and thank you

I think the manual describes using a hardened steel pin in place of one of the bolts holding the reaction plate (and leaving the other bolt in place) which hold the torsion bar & bracket as the plate is knocked back and off.

That scared me a bit (can also be harder to refit everything) so I went the route of putting the front suspension at full droop (shocks, tie rods & upper ball joints undone) to take all tension off of the torsion bars:

I still used the pins just because they were handy (belt & suspenders):

Indeed.Amazing what you learn when you read the manual! I’n sitting about two feet from an engineless car that has pins in place of boltf and can therefore be moved around the shop, or trailered to exhaust shop or paint etc.
Using pins has been my default for the last 5 r&r. Filing/turning/polishing a taper on them helps.

I looked in manual, didn’t see this. But I looked at torsion bar removal is there a chapter just for the reaction plate?

The location of the instructions to remove the reaction plate using hardened pins is somewhat difficult to find. Assuming that you have the Jaguar Service Manual (or Bentley reprint), it is on Page B.66 at the very end of the Engine Section.

I have the Bentley manual. I just found it. Thanks guys

The manual specifies that pin as 10" long but I don’t see any reason why it needs to be that long. The shorter version in the photos I posted works fine and is easier to deal with.

Save for the full droop (be careful of overextending the tie rod ends) the pin method is how I’ve done them, forever.

Got it done. Thanks everyone for your help