Engine removal?

(Roger King) #1

Is it possible to remove the engine from a 140DHC without removing the gearbox? The only likely issue I can see is accessing the top bellhousing bolts. In the workshop the car is currently in I do not have enough height to remove the engine and box as an assembly.
Surely for a simple clutch change, they are not removed together?

(Rob Reilly) #2

On my 120FHC I have removed the floors and trans tunnel and removed and reinstalled the gearbox from the inside, supporting the rear of the engine on wood blocks.

(Roger King) #3

Thanks Rob - I have a pit and a transmission jack, so for clutch changes I should be able to drop it out downwards. If you have done that it should be possible to get to the bellhousing bolts, support the gearbox somehow (it’s not over the pit now, unfortunately) and pull the engine separately. Much less dramatic.

(baloo) #4

Install trans from the inside! Great idea, thanks. May need to go this route in the future.

(Roger King) #5

Did it today, no problems. Placed a trolley jack with a transmission jack cradle fitted under the gearbox, and put straps round the engine and used a crane to support it as the rear engine mounts have to be removed to separate the bellhousing from the block. Removed the b/h bolts and slid the ‘box back on the jack, lifted the engine up and out level, slid the ‘box forwards into the engine bay and lifted that out with the crane too. There’s no way that ‘box was coming out from the inside - the starter bulge on the b/h would never clear the bulkhead.
Dead easy job in the end. Everything a lot easier to get to than in the 289!

(Roger King) #6

Just for interest:

As you can see, damaging the lovely, original paintwork was not a concern…