Engine serial number on a Jaguar 5.3L V12 engine

Just going through the archives and I see I’m looking for an engine number at the back of the V near the firewall.
I’m ashamed to admit after being the caretaker of this beast for 15 years I don’t know the engine number. I wish I would’ve thought to look when I changed the spark plugs last summer.
I guess my question is how much disassembly is required to see it. Am I removing the throttle pulley and an oil pressure switch? Is there another way to cross reference this with the car serial number or anything?

Hello Gary - no need to remove anything to read the engine number - position yourself by the engine bay rear area, first on one side, then on the other side, look down below the oil pressure unit, towards the firewall, and you will see a flat “shelf” of the engine, which contains the number - movement of some of the hoses may help you - using a flashlight will also help - here are a couple of pictures from when I was looking for my number, before I changed the oil pressure sending unit that was leaking - the number starts from the left side and goes towards the right side - my number is 9 digits long - 8S80864SA - just want to add that I found my number due to the help of others posting pictures and descriptions from their engines for me - Tex.

Thank you, I guess I’m going to have to be ambidextrous or some sort of contortionist.

If problem leaning over fender, at corner of bonnet opening (which was a problem i had), using a mirror on an extension handle, helps - use of one of those lighted camera extensions for your cell phone, (which i don’t have) was also a suggestion given to me - i agree it is not easy access - Tex.

get a teenager to photograph it with his phone

LOL, Scrimbonator … :laughing: I actually have my handy LizardCam for such tasks … :camera: :+1:

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Inspection mirror and good lighting.

Now these are all good suggestions and its a good job i’m more svelte and skinnier than you guys. I can shoe horn myself in there , As I just get back from the doctors office with high blood pressure pills and told to lose 30lbs.
I think the mirror a flash light and a phone camera might work.

Here is a picture showing where the engine serial number, circled in red, is located on a 5.3L V12 that is out of a car on an engine stand.

I had good luck identifying the engine serial numbers in our two V12 Jaguars using a fiber optic camera that I purchased at a local tool store.



I was telling someone just the other day (re: Superblue) … “else I’m going to have to lose some weight or Jaguar is going to have to build a bigger model car” … :laughing:

Thank you Paul, I was reading that post which made me think I would have to remove some stuff, in order to see the number.
At the end of the day I’m not even totally sure why I would even need it except for the fact that is one more way to find out more about the production and history of this car.
As I’m thinking out loud here, I always wanted a V-12 E-Type, but now that I’ve invested some time , energy and money into this car , an XJ-S it’s been an awesome journey.
I honestly believe the XJ-S is the most misunderstood and unappreciated car out there.
End of my rants.


I love v12 E-Types! And since you have an XJS, it’s pretty simple to figure out what you’d be getting in to with a V12 E-Type:

Parts: Price the corresponding part for the XJS then triple it
Overhead: Add 25% cost and time to pretty much any repair job
Liquor Budget: Double it
Divorce lawyer: Retain one

Just kidding. (Mostly).

Bob, you obviously have way too much money and toys.
I’m envious. And by the way thanks for all the awesome write ups you provided with your experiences on how to drop a 5 speed into a V-12 XJ-S .
Those cars you have are awesome, thank you for all posted experience you have provided. If I could get my engine bay looking at least half a good as yours, I would call it a day.

Thanks! But that’s my dad’s car :slight_smile:
And he and mom are still happily married!

That’s awesome Bob. What’s the final report on the 5 Speed XJ-S any quirks or are you good to go?

Working through an issue, I’ll update the thread once solved. I didn’t get the bellhousing indicated good enough (miss read the spec) so the TO bearing leaked. More soon.

The biggest problem will be cleaning all the dirt and muck on top…

thanks a million! that was EXTREMELY helpful since it was getting frustrating to locate!! typical Britisher shortsightedness to place it down there!! thanks a million!!

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I am glad that you found my post and picture of the V12 serial number location helpful.