Engine starting

(Britfmdc) #1

Series of engine problems XK8 1997:

  1. Chugging on start-up
  2. Black smoke on start-up (too rich??)
  3. Low power
  4. Cuts-out when trying to accellerate.
  5. Holding left foot lightly on brake and accellerating throttle will allow RPM to rise normally until brake released (under load) then stalling.

This is a car I am trying to sell for a deceased friend. Modern cars a baffling.



(Grahame Loader) #2

Are you getting any engine codes? (ei.check engine light)

Has the car been sitting for a long time without running?

Does it eventually run properly, after warm-up?

(Britfmdc) #3

In answer to your questions:

Engine warning light on. Low Power light comes on after trying to pull away. I do not have a memory reader available.

Yes, she has been sitting for some time. I’ve just un-rusted the seized hand brake! Put in a couple of gallons of fresh fuel and Stabil.

Tried warm up. Under no load engine idles OK at 700 RPM. Accelerate to 3000 rpm and it starts to runs rough. Managed to pull away but stalls almost immediately under load. Only made it about 50 yds!

Other warnings are traction control/ALB associated. I assume this is a separate problem.

The car seems to have a lot of separate problems.


If you are trying to rev the engine to 3000rpm then the Rev limiter will cut in and that will cause rough running.

For the traction control warning ensure you have a fully charged battery as low voltage can cause various spurious faults.

(Grahame Loader) #5

I’d suggest to try cleaning the MAF sensor. An auto parts store might loan you a code reader. I’d ditto the low battery. You might want to put in a new battery after its been sitting for so long.