Engine strip tips?

(Roger King) #21

That sounds a sensible option. Despite being this side of the pond, I’m used to buying ARP kits for entire engines - even the Mini Cooper, which surprised me… I’ll maybe think again if they don’t do specific Jag parts. Chevy nuts? Not sure those are allowed in my garage…

(Paul Wigton) #22

Just tell the Jag that Chevy nuts are a gooood thing…ARP nuts, on the good mil-spec bolts (if SNG still has them) would be OK, if a whoooole lot pricier.

(tony) #23

there is a detailed description somewhere on here, possibly by the late Jerry Mouton, outlining the problem with ARP bolts and Jag conrods, resulting in his engine blowing up.

I cannot see why the S3 Jag fasteners would not be entirely adequate

its quite easy to strip the brass gear that drives the dizzy during dismantle, dont do that!

(Roger King) #24

I’ll see if I can track down the S3 fasteners. Thanks for the tip on the brass gear - reminds me of the constant debate over billet or cast iron distributor gears on the sbf, with all the varieties that produces.

(Roger King) #25

Checked the SNGB website - they show the same part (C32344) for both S3 XJ6 and XK140. There is a choice of OEM or not - the OEM is cheaper, oddly. Can anyone remember which is the mil-spec one? Can’t find anything on a forum search.
Interestingly, if I click on the conrod nut for XK140 on the website, they are £4.20 each and the picture looks like every 12-pt ARP nut I’ve ever used. They do still list a split pin but that may not be relevant. I think SNGB now sell only a plain bolt with an ARP nut.

(Christopher Potempa) #26

A reminder to remove the crankshaft plugs is timely here. I’m currently using Lonnie Jensen Machine in San Francisco for my crank work and they remarked that though the crank is still good to go with only a light polish done, removal of the plugs had shown the passages plugged with oil the consistency of hardened window putty. The machinist said he would be surprised if there was any oil pressure at all. This, from a motor that sat for 30 years.

(Lee140FHC) #27

Those 5-bolt 289s are desired by early Mustang/Falcon/Fairlane owners, as I’m sure you know.

(Roger King) #28

Yes, that’s principally why they’re in the store - mostly std bore and crack tested OK. The big money is in the 289 Cobra owners - no leafspring Cobra (apart from around 6 automatics) ever had a 6-bolt.

(Lee140FHC) #29

Automatic Cobras?!..wow…C-4, I assume…or maybe Ford-o-matic?

(Roger King) #30

C4s, from memory. Definitely not Ford-o-matics!