Engine Teardown

This guy strips down all sorts of engines and sells the parts

I thought this Youtube teardown (along with the comments) was interesting

I knew timing tensioner/chain and water pump/hoses were an issue with these motors

I would also comment that I dont like plastic parts in Engines, who knows whether they will still be made in 20 years

If it costs +10K to rebuild an old style XK-XJ engine, imagine the cost for this beast


What an excessively complicated piece of engineering that is…

Very cool video. For me, it was good to see how some of the things come apart that I know I’m going to have to take apart on my own car in the not too distant future.

The timing chains do look like quite a pain in the butt to replace, but in reality they’re not much worse than many modern cars. Guess its one of those things I just need to accept.

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