Engine Temp Concern

Curious as to what engine temps you are seeing with the 3.4 litre. I was at about 190 most of the time but today it was sitting between 230 and 250 never hit 260 but isnt that a wee bit high? thx alot

Thats hot. Did it boil over? Maybe bad sender/calibration?

Did ot but I came home!

Ill check with my mechanic tomorrow. thx alot

190: no worries.

230-250, in motion: so long as not boiling over, no problem, but that gives you no headroom.

Did you check yo see if fans, if equipped, are ooerating?

Hi Blair… what carb/manifold/bypass setup do you have…its not unusual on diy builds for incorrect thermostat/bypass setups…photos would help…Steve

50/50 boils@230, and that assumes a pressurized system. So that sounds pretty bad to me. But the temp sender may be bad.