Engine temp in XK8

The engine temp warning come on but temp gauge reads normal and no overheating. It comes on the goes away. Could this be a water pump issue in my xk8

Unfortunately the gauge is little more than an idiot light. It could be an actual cooling issue, or it could just be a sensor issue

The Temp gauge is really just a fancy idiot light. It does not show actual temp readings. It can be modified to work properly using a kit , but it is not cheap. http://www.thejagwrangler.com/xk8--xkr--xj-realgauge.html

I installed a simple gauge that plugs into the OBDII port. https://www.amazon.com/AUTOOL-Multi-Function-Water-Temp-Malfunction-Test-Automotive/dp/B07L8RPLCG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=autool+x60&qid=1583854476&s=automotive&sr=1-4

Not only can it give you accurate temp readings, but it can also read and clear codes, etc. You can get the same result using the Torque app and and ELM327 OBDII port module. I like the gauge since it is there all the time.

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Yep I check mine every once in a while with my obd2 scanner, or do a rough measure at the thermostat housing with my laser thermometer