Engine timing belt

Anybody know the life expectancy of the engine timing belt on a 2002
3.0 ?


Fairly sure they are chain drive.

Timing belt???

Assuming here that its petrol and not diesel.

No Diesels here in the US unless private importer.
Did Jaguar use a 3.0 Diesel in the X Type?

Robin, its a belt drive.

Thanks, Walter

Interesting, this is my 2006 3.0 litre;

Same as mine. A belt would be exterior to the block.

Perhaps we are being asked about the auxiliary belt?

Serpentine belt is all I can think of?

I have an X type 2002 3.0 and my belt is on the outside of the engine

passenger side.


Right now we are talking of something totally different, the test for replacement oF the serpentine (NOT timing) belt is generally judged on the number of cracks that can be seen on the ‘V’s
When it looks like the top left picture its well past its replacement date;