Engine weights!

There is quite a few topics on this.
Some says that xk engine is around 600pounds
My question is:
Does anybody know the weight of the 2.4 and the 2.8?
They have the shorter block.
But i havent seen any weight data on them.


I think 40 kilos is almost a little much? Comparing the weights. Who knows what trim differences, etc.


depends if there is a “henway” attached to it.

… or a Grecian urn.


the numbers i have are that the 2.4 is 195 pounds lighter than the 3.4 or 3.8. the 2.8 may be a similar number compared to 4.2. that is like a grecian urn filled with wine.?

Yer supposed to ask, “what’s Grecian urn?”


or what’s a “henway”…?

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Grecian urn and henway
New terms to me🙄
Im totally off🤔
Thanks for answers anyway

Old jokes…

“What’s a Grecian urn?”

“The going rate of minimum wage.”

“What’s a Henway?”

“They average 2.5 kilos.”



I appreciated the childish humor of your post but wondered how many of the non-USA members of this list, and/or those who have English as a second language, would understand your playful words. :slight_smile:


Here in denmark
One could say: how long is a rubber band☺
Or: heavy as a bad year


I understand zero, but then again with at least three different kinds of gallons alone I expect to understand precisely nothing either way.

I‘m only slowly getting some signal when I have to translate inches, feet, miles, drag strip times, mpg, and I know how much Fahrenheit is cool and how much is too hot.
There’s five scales for everything in your world.
In other words, it is terrible, comical enough, so I switch off either way :grimacing:
Is it actually about anything? I wish we can return to engine weights one day, but I am afraid this will never end!

By the way, I needed some time with the greek, but he explained all the jokes after a while.

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Well, they asked…I explained.

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