ENV axle ratios for Mark V

I’m compiling a list of the serial number stampings of ENV axles (stamps are on a pad adjacent to the dipstick/filler on the top of the differential case). I don’t know how, or if the ENV numbers for the Mk V differ from the XK120, which is what I’ve been concentrating on till now. If anyone has made notes of, or has pictures of the Mk V axle serial numbers, I’d be very interested to see them.


Hi Chris,
I haven’t really been aware of stampings on the casing but I did see some on the diff cage. This was form a 1937 2.5 litre saloon.


Thanks, Peter. I think back then the axles were spiral bevel, rather than hypoid bevel? I’m more focused on the JHS hypoid bevel axles as fitted to XK120 and some Mk V. Perhaps if I get a pre-war saloon in the future, I might get into the earlier axles too…? :smile:

Peter, hopefully you noticed that you were missing a nut.
My Mark V has a Salisbury so I can’t help here.
According to the parts books, all '46-'48 Mark IVs had Salisburys.
All '38-'40 had ENVs, so I had a look at my '38 through the access panel in the boot.

8x36 means the ratio is 4.50 as expected.
serial number 62643 is not of the same format as found in the XK120 so presumably of no interest to Chris.

Well, still interesting to see it, Rob! :smile:

Hi Rob,

Yes, indeed. The gears were in good condition but I think a few things needed tightening up.