ENV inspection cover plate

I read somewhere that XK120s with the ENV axle had an inspection plate on the bodywork to allow for accessing the dipstick and topping up. My car has the ENV, but had a replacement body fitted in 1952, so has no inspection cover. I don’t suppose anyone has a picture of the arrangement? It might be nice to reinstate one, if possible…

chris I don’t believe they did certainly there is a screw in dipstick into the top of housing with ENV on it back I think you need to be under the car!

Well, that puts that one to bed! Thanks, Terry.

I’ve discovered on removal of the trim covering round the battery boxes area, that someone in the past has helpfully put in a little hinged inspection plate between the battery boxes, so the oil filler/dipstick can be accessed on the ENV axle! This is just big enough to get your hand through, and I was able to clean up the top surface of the diff well enough to read the stampings. It did confirm the ratio - 14/51. That equates to 3.64, which was the standard ratio on the ENV and what I was expecting to see.