Errant plug by washer bottle

Just replacing the windscreen washer pump and came across this plug and not sure where it goes?
I don’t know if it was for headlamp washers but my XJR prior to the accident did not have them fitted.

Most likely.

What year is it ?

I think Jaguar fitted wiring for all options regardless. When I installed the phone and powerfold mirrors all the wiring was already in situ.

Thanks its a ‘99
Point being that the plug is actually in a socket and if it was going into the washer bottle I would have expected the ‘socket’ to be round and slide into a grommet, this is rectangular.

yeah that is the headlamp pump wiring

there would be a 2nd pump on the side of the bottle.

They have fitted a mating plug to seal the socket up

Thanks Andy, that was the only thing that I could come up with considering the placement of the wiring.