Essential Equipment for your Restoration Shop

We already have at least one cat in the garage.

And kitty litter for it.

This must be some sort of record? 190 posts before thread drift set in :smiling_imp:



But there is a serious side. For me time is the most important and hardest to come by tool.

Drift would be an understatement! This baby made a hard right hand turn. Lol

and this automatically puts you on each apex it looks like

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sounds like a fund raiser for the 30 th anniversary. Various members cars, not mine,I mean ones that are actually together

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A stretching device for time. I’d like to go into my workshop at 2 pm, work on my car for 4 hours, and come back in the house at 3 pm for a break. It’s the only way I’ll ever finish the car.

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I haven’t read every post, but I’ll add a radio/stereo that plays the media of your choice. Also, a small fridge; mine is full of Coke Zero Fresca, Power Ade and bottled water.

Bill , are you sure you really want a calendar showing cars?

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Indeed: time is supplied, but one cannot get renewals.

When I restoed Tweety, I began in 2003: the (mostly) completion date of 2009 rolled up, alarmingly abruptly.

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“Time, the Silent Dictator”


Only thing I am proposing to change is, who’s car is in the pic with “adequate scenary”

Well, there’s this one, not scantily clad but still rather nice … Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and Papas

And this one’s kinda nice .,

And this …

And this …

Also this …

But if you want scantily clad …

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I like this one, which appears to be official…


Its leaping the wrong way :sunglasses:

Given the opportunity, do you think you would worry too much about the direction you were leaping?


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The high beams are better than low beams.

Now we are talking. I like how Nick took control of the Calendar topic

I was about to comment but had second thought in the event the wife was to read.

For the ornithologists among us, the above picture is a good example of two variants of the species “Double Breasted Mattress Thrasher” :grinning: