Essential Equipment for your Restoration Shop

best use of paint I have seen in a long time.

Let’s just admit it, when you boil it all down , we are cavemen.

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Is that the official “ British racing green”?

Not quite as risqué as yours but probably the same artist;

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Took me a few moments to see it. A pleasant surprise. :grin:

Yep some artist get all the good jobs👿

Thread drift is not necessarily a bad thing.

Even 185/80x15 are tight to the bump stops!
Maybe too much neg camber but going to cut the bracket back anyway.
Let’s not forget full face shield eye protection, dust masks, respirators if painting, and come to think of it a sae tap and die set and external thread repair kit for our shop.

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Yes, certainly too much negative camber.
Unless damaged suspensions, even 205/70 R15 fit, although not all tyre brands and depending on cars.
But I’ve never heard of 185 too tight.

What wheels…size/ inset/offset?

Stock 5” curly wire wheels. Michelin redline circa 1977. No suspension damage or modifications but the trailing arms were not installed maybe allowing a little more than full extension.
Trailing arms installed now. It’s amazing how much they twist with the arc of the lower wishbone. All buttoned up now and they bottom out a little higher. Planning on using 205/70-15 when done.
Shop tools……can never have enough floor jacks!

I hardly use my floor jacks, jack stands, ramps, creeper, or chiropractor anymore. :wink:

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Is that picture taken with the weight of the car on the tires or with the rear end jacked up and the suspension in full extended downward travel?

IIRC, it makes a difference as to the amount of clearance between the bump stop and the tire sidewall. It’s much reduced with the suspension fully extended, which it almost never is in actual driving.

Rear end was jacked up with shocks attached and full suspension droop. I cut back the bump stops but not enough to prevent installing the rubber donuts in reversed position.

Time to terminate this thread

I second the emotion

I don’t think that anyone has mentioned a plating facility capable of cad, zinc and nickel plating.

And buffers for aluminum.

See, there is always more.

I have 195 /75 and at full droop they touch the top of the rubber bump stops and almost touch the metal bump stop bracket. At ride height the tire will move up into the wheel well and away from the bump stops…I think.
With my car on the stands and wheels at droop, I can turn the wheel and hear the rubber squeek as it drags on the tire.

Just had this pop up on a feed, not sure how well it would work.

Not new news but I was reminded of this this morning

Any powerful tool if used incorrectly can be dangerous. And a hoist is a great example of this.

If you get a new tool and you are unfamiliar with it. Just ask. Somebody will be happy to keep you safe.

Another problem is complacency. “I’ve been doing this for years, I know how to do it…” Slow down. Think things out. Keep your fingers out of the way.

Stay safe.

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