Essential Equipment for your Restoration Shop

That used to be true for me as well, except that I have plenty of 11mm size sockets and wrenches etc as it happens to be exactly 7/16. Or 7/16” is theoretically 11,1125mm but I have found the 11mm tools to fit perfectly on 7/16” fasteners.

I used to also occasionally need a 14mm, 16mm or 17mm socket or wrench but after getting the MKV no need anymore as I had to get BSF/BSW taps and dies and sockets, wrenches etc.

So some of the weird non-UNF/UNC fasteners found in interior bits, carb linkages and electric parts turned out to be Whitworth. :smiley:


Sooo … what you are saying is that one of the most important … THE most important … equipment to use in the garage is … your brain.

Most humans come equipped with a brain attached, using that tool properly … or lack thereof … is where most issues come from.



I needed BA tools recently, and luckily I have a set of BA spanners, (but not sockets)

I was able to get around the seized No5 BA fastener by using a 3/16" imperial socket, the smallest I had that would fit

The carb linkages are BA (I think, BA spanners fit)

Therefore, a proper Jag garage should have a set ($A100 for a socket/wrench set)

Another tool that separates the wheat from the chaff is a depth micrometer ( dont have one yet)

an automotive oscilloscope if you want to fix your later model classics, good luck finding an auto tech that has one (dont have one of those either yet)

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Has anyone used a Planishing Hammer?

[](Planishing Hammer

I have a small one that I bought from HF 20 years ago.
Don’t use it much but when I do I’m happy I have it.

From the video, it seems like a lot can be done with one. Especially with a good selection of dies.

Do you have an English Wheel? If so, which has more uses?

So far I haven’t needed more than the two dies that came with it.
I bought an extra set back then thinking they would not last.
Turns out the old ones are good as new.
An English wheel is something I always lusted after but no space.
Haven’t needed it either so I’m good.

I don’t have either, however planishing hammer looks like it might be more useful to purchase first, then the English wheel.

I’ve been looking at English wheels for a number of years, but have not yet bought one. Then I came across the planishing hammer yesterday or so, it lookes more enticing.

has anyone mentioned a high speed internet connection yet?