Etype photos - post some of your favorites!

None of those would fit into my driveway, too low.

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
But I trust dogs who don’t like people.

I< can’t fit into any of them

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I’ve been there: I think a big Healey wouldn’t fit up your driveway!


That is obviously a 1961 car given the pumptkin cylinder head paint, plus the throttle rail which was made up for the XK150S and just carried over until they made a new one-piece one. A later radiator and top hose but overall a good presentation.


back in the day, we used to say “a big Healy couldn’t run over a Marlboro box without losing it’s exhaust system”. . But I am dating myself.


Have to agree, and the novices out there actually think it is an ‘E’. My 2001 is a dream to drive, and it looks huge next to my Miata in the garage. This is a large car, and not a copy of the E-type, but it sure turns heads.


Wow, I hope you missed those boats😂