Etype sold at Gooding Amelia Friday

This was the car that sold Friday for about $220,000…

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Did you see @j_limongelli?

He’s been lurking on here… :slight_smile:

Someone should give that boy a hall pass.

Did that in include the buyer’s fee? 3.8 or 4.2?

buyers fee on that car would have been an additional 15% of final value…

I have spoken with Joey on here but never net him live so I would sadly have not recognized him…

Detail and pictures here. Nice car.

Strange he has never been shy of posting his photos :innocent:


What a great find! And a great reference for me since this car is only 1500 cars newer than mine and in the exact same colors.

If indeed this is as original as stated, then I am heartened to see the factory struggled with front bumper alignment as much as I have. The driver side has a small case of the “droops”. However, when zoomed in you can see both Philips and slotted bezel screws so maybe some work was done in there involving messing with the bumper. It also answers one of my previous posts about the treatment of the short bonnet beads.

Great car. A lot to learn in those photos. Thanks for posting.
Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

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I read $246,000! Liked the pic of leftover parts.

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“Meticulously preserved example” except where it’s not. Is an engine rebuild with electronic ignition, shiny new porcelain on the exhaust manifolds, upgraded starter motor, brakes, shocks and cooling system a “restoration?” I think not. It’s a rebuild with modern upgrades. The leftover parts tell a different story than the syrupy auction description. The “mechanical restoration” shows an improved car that many of us have likewise turned ours into.

I’m sure glad I saved all my original parts, too. Now I can say my car has been “preserved” like this car, except for engine, paint, brakes, cooling system, shocks, interior, and with “only” 68,000 original miles. And, like this car, I’m just “the third owner.”

So what this really means is, auction description aside, it’s a low mileage driver.

I’m not in any way putting down the car, only the fluffed talk about the age old claim of preservation and originality. There was a reason this “original car” needed an “engine restoration.” I suspect it had the typical cooling issues of S1 4.2s, which is likely why it only has 20,450 miles on it…and now a new cooling system.

“But, hey, let me tell you about the original interior and paint…”