Euro Bumper Conversion Hardware

Might be useful !
The Hinges will require Six 3/8"-24 1" Bolts & two 3/8"-24 1 1/4 " Bolts.
The two large threaded rods on the front of the Hinge are 1/2"-20.
There are no long thru bolts like on the North American Hinges

Learning so much about the process !
My Ho Chi Minh City based bumpers were marked “Prototype” on the box.
Have had to make cuts on the front side attach points to allow the nutplates to slide into place. BTW make sure that if there are minor differences in the thickness of the rubber pucks L&R , make sure you put them pack in the their respective locations. Not an exercise you want to perform alot. Using a small vise grip to hold the nutplate in place while starting the bolt will do the trick.

Hardware supplied with the bumpers is not necessarily right for every location.

In this process I also replaced the radiator with an aluminum one off eBay. Beware ! Photo’s in ads don"t match actual product. Fittings & pin locations vary. Dropped off my original radiator at a shop in Fondulac, WI early May for recore. Dropped by today 7/1 to check status. Should be done in a couple days. Not going to rip out the Aluminum one. Means I’ll have a freshly recored factory spare. Need to finish the bumpers.

Finding the Front Bumper underrider hardware to be a bit of a mystery, but have a solution that should be better than factory. This is were bumper height is determined. Side spacing is set by the rubber grommets & washers. 47 year old body & frame may not be symetrical.

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